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Lemons and Limes – Preliminary with no Vocals

Here is a track we have been working on – all sketch recordings but gives you an idea of what’s being worked on!

      Lemons and Limes March 4th

Enjoy – Keep Floating and Keep Spinning Saucer Fans!

Preliminary Recording – Alan

Here is a very rough sketch recording we did a while back getting ready to record a new EP!


Let us know what you think!


Saucer in Helsinki

Saucer should consider doing a Finnish/Nordic tour. Think the finns would appreciate the Saucer vibe. Halloween’s come and gone and Christmas is around the corner – we should have some news on an upcoming gig soon. Don’t be afraid we are still actively playing and rehearsing; hoping to get Aaron in to record some tracks; and put out some rough recordings to fine tune the creative process.

Keep spinning, keep floating Saucer fans.