Saucer in Helsinki

Saucer should consider doing a Finnish/Nordic tour. Think the finns would appreciate the Saucer vibe. Halloween’s come and gone and Christmas is around the corner – we should have some news on an upcoming gig soon. Don’t be afraid we are still actively playing and rehearsing; hoping to get Aaron in to record some tracks; and put out some rough recordings to fine tune the creative process.

Keep spinning, keep floating Saucer fans.



About Sinigrin

Sprouts contain a chemical called sinigrin which suppresses the development of pre-cancerous cells. The breakdown product of sinigrin, allyl isothiocyanate, responsible for the characteristic smell of sprouts, is the active ingredient. It works by persuading the precancerous cells to commit suicide – a natural process called apoptosis – and so powerful is the effect that we think that the occasional meal of sprouts could destroy these cells in the colon.

Like it’s chemical counterpart Sinigrin has a unique sensory experience and is good for your insides. Give our music a listen you see what you’ve been lacking.

Musical apoptosis – we kill the medium and the median.

Saucer is a Toronto-based rock and roll band of some description.